Keep Healthy during Covid19


 Some of the wisest minds in our culture have stated that the secret to a Happy Life is grounded within these 4 pillars:






We live our lives working towards building these four pillars up to create a strong home both within ourselves and our communities and in the literal sense. We, however, sometimes slip through the cracks and life becomes messy!

The moral of the story here being:


I recall a wise man saying that many year ago!


Speaking of homes, while it’s important to create a sturdy foundation at home, it is just as important to maintain that home in order to keep on top of your life!




Listed below, are a collection of the best techniques for keeping healthy at home.




Have you ever watched a film in which the protagonist is at rock bottom and clueless, ready to give up? Once they find their motivation to reboot their life, the first thing they do is declutter and organise their living space. There’s a reason for this.

For maximum success, you must stay organised!

It’s a great feeling to have completed a well needed Spring Clean. Why not go that extra step and set up systems which will minimise the creation of future clutter and messiness? (One example would be placing a small bin in each room so that you never leave any rubbish lying around).



We can all agree that if you eat the foods your body is biologically evolved to eat, then you will face fewer problems in your overall health.

The rawer and more plant-based you eat, the few toxins you’ll be asking your body to process throughout the day.

Additionally, it’s an eye opener when you compare the average time it takes to digest meats to the time for digesting fruits and vegetables.

Find out more about this at:

PRO TIP: No matter what diet you choose, a great rule of thumb is to avoid eating late at night because if your digestive system is still processing food while you sleep, then you may not get the best sleep possible!



This one is pretty straight forward.

Exposure to natural sunlight = higher levels of Vitamin D absorption & creation = stronger bones as well as better functions of organs.

The most recent studies are indicating that many other organs, including your prostate and heart, in your body have vitamin D receptors meaning that these organs’ functionality can be affected by the level of vitamin D in your body.

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Some naysayers say that all water tastes the same! Well you know what? THEY’RE WRONG!

Similarly, to the air we breathe, some people may assume all the air we inhale will just be the same… you tell that to an underground Coal Miner or an Astronaut or someone who just been buried alive…

If you’re indoors for prolonged periods of time, then it best to take regular breaks by taking a walk, going for a run or cracking open a window.

No need for any hardcore science here, air ventilation is always a winner!



Deep breathing exercises have been a keystone factor to Dutch athlete Wim Hof’s success in boosting the body’s immune system and overcoming many seemingly impossible challenges. This man has climbed mountains in nothing but his shorts and boots. The Wim Hof Method which has been backed by scientists for its proven ability to reboot the body and its full capabilities.

Practicing a few breathing exercises can be extremely beneficial to the body and mind!

This 11 minute exercise is the one I use at the moment:

If you desire to further explore the fascinating world of deep breathing, check out the Wim Hof Method here:



Having some plants in your home can be beneficial in a few ways.

They clean up the air around them giving back cleaner air for us!

They keep us connected to our natural world, (especially if you live in a concreate jungle!)

Taking time to nourish our plants also teaches us compassion for each other!



If you ever have trouble sleeping at night and want to fix that, the internet has accumulated many answers for you!

Our mind is amazing at associating A to B and then to C.

We see this in our pets when we start to get them in their travel box as we take them to the Vet. They know what is to come, as they’ve made the association that travel box = Vet.

We do the same thing. So, if we usually watch TV or use our phones in the final moments before we go to bed, our mind is not associating sleep with bed but rather shiny distractions which will keep us awake.

Find out more about sleeping tips at:



By now, we have all seen bestselling books on the understanding of Habit. These books are speaking some hard truths! We humans are easily distracted!

One of their main points of focus and discussion is on our accessibility to our habits.

An example: If your Laptop is stored away in your cupboard but your Xbox is out and ready to play, you will feel less resistance to pick the Xbox over the Laptop.

To tackle this, we must assess our environment and critically choose what to keep in sight and what to store away. It may seem odd to store away your Xbox as it isn’t really getting in anyone’s way, however, if you’re trying to accomplish your goals, then this kind of tactic will prove useful in making the habit stick, whatever your chosen habit may be!


- Alexander Christodoulou